How to Make Your Packaging Part of the User Experience

Today we’re talking about packaging and making it a part of the user experience. We’re doing this because we believe it’s important to look after your customer and by making customers feel good about your product and your branding. It’s about making a connection with the customer and making them care about what it is your selling.

A sell-developed brand is key, as you can imagine, so if you don’t have a solid brand identity then that will be your first hurdle to overcome. Before you invest in product packaging then you’ll need to start thinking about what direction you want your brand to take. Of course, your brand isn’t just about colours and a logo, but once you’ve decided on your brand adding those colours and logo will definitely be a welcome addition to your packaging.

Make sure you get it right because you don’t want to find out that the investment you made doesn’t align well with your branding. If you’re sending your packaging to influencers and people who are going to invest in your business, then you want to be able to educate them on your brand and be able to explain all about your product clearly. Include things like clear photos of your product and instructions, if needed. Again, if sending to an influencer then a gift or a thank you note is always well received and remembered.


Once you’ve sorted out your brand and sent to your influencers or investors, perhaps it’s now time to think about your customers. Your target market will have a great impact on what your customers are going to expect when they get your product. It might be minimalist packaging or something more ostentatious. Always make sure your product is well protected and add some personalised touches to the outer packaging that are in line with the brand.

Make sure it’s great packaging

Make sure you add as much as you can to the final packaging, so your customer is impressed and enjoys the overall experience. Even how you attach your brand to the packaging is important, whether you stamp it on or use a ready-made label. If your product is at the higher end of the market you might want to use something with more of an expensive look to it.

Tell a story and tell it well

Always use art of story telling when you can, it might be something like telling them how you started your business, right from the ground up or possibly some knowledge of how your business is run. This helps build brand loyalty and helps you connect with your ideal customers.

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If you want to create an unforgettable user experience by enhancing your packaging and getting your product the attention it deserves, then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your brand, brand identity and your packaging. Speak to one of our experts today.

Packaging Considerations for the Food Industry Products

Don’t think your packaging is secondary to everything else, it’s not just what’s wrapped around your products, or food products in this case, it’s so much more. Good packaging tells your customers about your brand, the product and what you stand for. It’s the flag that says, ‘here I am!’ Therefore, as you can imagine, paying attention to how you package your products is important.

You want to think about how you can get your message across to your customers, attract that all-important target market and get them as enthusiastic about your product as you can. If your product is food, then there are other things to consider.

Think Ingredient Details

You’ll need to get very knowledgeable about the details. That part’s important, what ingredients do your products have, what sub-ingredients? You’ll need to let people know the ins and outs of your products, like are there preservatives, does your packaging do the preserving? Does your food product contain any allergens, a lot of people, especially children are allergic to nuts, are there any in your food product? Make sure you know every single thing your food product contains, so there are no nasty surprises for your consumers.

So your food packaging must have all the right messages on it and also provide protection for its contents. It needs to be able to keep the contents fresh and intact for the consumer for when they come to consume it, so it holds far greater importance than for non-food products.

What’s Your Budget?

Before you take onboard all that’s required of food packaging you need to consider whether you have the budget for it. As you can imagine, packaging can be expensive and with food, it really isn’t something you can afford to skimp on. Understand all the costs of production first and do everything else second. Food packaging trends change all the time, and what you need now and can’t afford may be affordable a couple of years from now. As long as you can tackle the all-important stuff first, the stuff that determines whether your food product is safe to consume, and is preserved till consumption, that should do for now.

Don’t Forget Your Brand Message

Your brand, as you know, is important therefore make sure you figure it in to your food packaging design. It’s crucial that your packaging is created with your target audience in mind. You’ll want to strike a balance between differentiating yourself from other, similar brands to something that will be recognised for what it is - a food product. To give yourself a better chance of getting all aspects of packaging right, do some market research on your target audience so you’ll know what your ideal customers want and what they don’t want.

Kimberley Watson Packaging - For The Best in Food Packaging

If you’re looking to package your food, then why not get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging because where packaging is concerned we’re where it’s at. We’ve had many years experience and are experts in our field. We can even help you decide on brand colours, and even design your logo if you haven’t come up with one yourselves yet. We have our own graphic designers who can help you create something really special that represents your brand message perfectly. And we can of course create packaging that’s appropriate for your food product with those all-important details. Get in touch today and you can start discussing ideas with one of our team.

Plastic Packaging and How to Reduce It

We’ve all seen the impact of plastic packaging in the news and how some suppliers are now actively working to reduce its use or completely replace it. This is a sensible move, because as most of us know, plastic packaging is causing harm to the environment, filling up landfill sites where it sits indefinitely. What can you do as a responsible business to help reduce plastic packaging?

Why Is Plastic Packaging Used?

Well, plastic packaging is used to protect products and help them last longer. Plastic packaging can help food stay fresh for much longer, it is also used to transport products, it’s therefore useful and provides a service, but unfortunately too much of it is used.

Excess Packaging Can Be Costly

Excess packaging not only means your products are more expensive to cover the cost, but it usually ends up in a landfill site it’s not easy to recycle. We don’t have to stop using plastic packaging as it serves a clear purpose, as we’ve seen, but we can aim to use less. By reducing our use of plastic packaging we’re helping the environment enormously, especially if more businesses do it too.

Smart Packaging Equals a Safer Environment

Try to adopt a smart packaging protocol, where, if it’s possible you use only recyclable packaging, and only use plastic when no other option is available. Provide packaging which is reusable for the customer, something they can use again themselves, e.g. a bag or a cardboard box and then only use a minimal amount of plastic if it’s absolutely necessary. Your customers can use any jars, tins or boxes you supply with your product and use it for something else.

Reusing Packaging

There is also the Courtauld Commitment which was introduced back in 2005 between food and grocery retailers and WRAP which stands for Waste and Resources Action Programme. The plan is to help reduce food and packaging waste, and you can play your part too. By following this plan there has been a significant decrease in both food waste and packaging between the year it was launched in 2005 and 2009. A later stage of this in 2012 focused the use of sustainable resources for packaging, and there have been noticeable changes since this was rolled out by supermarkets across the country.

Kimberley Watson Packaging – For Environmentally Conscious Packaging Serving Scotland and Beyond

We care about the environment as much as you do, and we work hard to do what we can to help reduce the waste of plastic used in packaging. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint with the quality provision of eco-friendly packaging.

Packaging Trends 2018

We’d like to talk to you today about packaging trends, that way you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your own packaging. In recent years, packaging has become pivotal in getting the attention of consumers and encouraging them to buy, so it’s important you get it right.

Personalise It

Put your stamp on your packaging and make sure people see your brand. Shoppers, especially buying food, are drawn to packaging that comes with something that catches their eye, something bright and beautifully designed. There are so many products to choose from out there, so your brand colours need to set your products apart from the rest. Consumers are fussier now than they’ve ever been, and they want products which are tailor made for them. You want to try and create emotions and an experience that will make people feel your product was made for them.

Lighter and More Flexible

People want more lightweight and flexible packaging, and from your point of view you want something that’s every bit as efficient but lower on costs. By flexible we mean not only lightweight, but something that easily changes shape and is still strong enough to hold your items. Flexible packaging could therefore be the future for almost all packaging, so keep an eye out for that.

Intelligent Packaging and Labelling

Why not use your packaging to share your information with consumers? It could be anything from specific information on your product to information about consumption or portion size if it’s food or beverages. People want to know about what they’re buying, and by providing such information you’ll be more likely to win over consumers and make them want to buy from you again. This information could come via cloud, and customers can scan it to find out more, it’s relatively new way of providing information to consumers and it’s something that could really take off.

Sustainable packaging

We’ve talked about sustainable packaging before and we firmly believe in protecting the environment with the packaging we provide. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact packaging has on the planet, and the media are giving the topic more exposure, so people are more aware of what’s at stake.

With this mind, sustainable packaging is going to be increasingly used as an option for packaging products, as global warming and the over use of landfill sites becomes a matter of great concern to consumers. This is about the kind of material you’re going to be using for your products, is it recyclable, can you destroy it easily, and is it reusable? It could be the difference between losing or keeping your customers.

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We hope you enjoyed our post today on the different trends that will be coming your way over the coming year. If you’re interested in investing in sustainable packaging for your business, the final topic we covered above, then why not get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. Perhaps you’re interested in some of the other topics we covered above, we’re more than happy to discuss, so why not get in touch today?

How to Package Your Products

Your products are your livelihood and it is therefore important how they are presented to your paying customers. They won’t buy again if the product they’ve ordered online arrives in bits, broken or in tatters.

It’s a tough thing to get right but once there’s harmony between what’s on the inside and on the outside, you have something special, something that will pay dividends in the long-run. There are certain height and weight restrictions when posting your items, so these are things which require careful thought and consideration if you are shipping your products to customer’s homes or overseas even.

Sturdy Packing Is Essential

As you can imagine your packages are going to have to be sturdily packaged if they are to survive until they reach the doorstep. There are many scenarios to go through before they get delivered. They will have to go through a conveyor belt for one thing, and then that will produce all kinds of different vibrations, loosening of soft material, compression and stacking in a haphazard way. There’s also temperature changes to contend with.

Protect Your Products

Not all packaging will win an award for aesthetics, but their packaging protects the products within beautifully. What you can do is have inner packaging which is as aesthetically pleasing as you want it to be with your branding and colours, but have sturdier and less colourful packaging on the outside. It is far more important for your customers to get their delivery in one piece than it is to have it in fancy packaging. There is always the danger of mishandling your package too, someone somewhere will accidentally or carelessly drop it and if it’s packaged well, you’ll have less to worry about.

Fragility, Liquids and Transportation

Depending on what product you sell, you will need to consider fragility and isolation of liquids. If you have products which are considered fragile, and this could be anything from glass to porcelain, then you’ll need to think about the item moving around during transportation and keeping it fixed. The use of boxes within boxes is one solution as is the use of compartments. Liquids need to be packed separately to other products if they’re going in a box with more than one item, and even if they’re being packaged alone they’ll still need wrapped again to protect from spillages.

Remember that if you send your packages overseas, they may spend time in cargo and this can often change temperature, so if you have products which need to stay at one temperature consistently, sending them abroad is not a good idea. You’ll need the right paperwork for customs, so look into that carefully.

Kimberley Watson For Better Packaging and Superior Processes

As you can see, packaging is an important part of your products lifespan, especially if you’re going to be delivering it direct to your customers doorstep, or even overseas. If you’re interested in learning more about how your organisation can benefit from better processes with your packaging, we’re here to help. We can give you a free packaging review that’s both thorough and concise. Get in touch today and we can arrange a time that is convenient to you.

How Your Organisation Can “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Here at Kimberley Watson Packaging we’re great believers in recycling and upcycling. We think that when you’re dealing with packaging on a daily basis like we do, it’s important to consider what exactly happens to it once it’s fulfilled its use. If you’re an organisation that uses a lot of packaging, then you’re hopefully starting to appreciate the impact packaging can have on the planet. Your organisation can help the environment by adhering to the 3 Rs, and those are reduce, reuse and recycle.


Here we are talking about how to reduce waste that you produce so you can help the environment. How do we do this? By trying to reduce the waste you produce, and if this isn’t possible, then at least either reusing it or putting out for recycling. There are recycling bins outside domestic homes as well as business areas, and you can use this to place all your old packaging once you’re done with it. But what if your packaging goes to customers and you don’t see it again? If this is the case, then make sure you only use recycled packaging as your customers are more than likely to be well versed in environmental matters and will appreciate the use of sustainable packaging. It could be the difference between keeping or losing your customers.


This doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be about reusing something, such as shredding paper and using it store something else. If it’s not possible to reuse it yourself, then place it in the recycling bins provided. For your customers, always use sustainable, recycled packaging they can use again, or they can place in the recycling bin themselves.


We’ve mentioned this a couple of times. Recycling is about using the materials that have been thrown away and turning them into something else, or if it’s packaging, using the packaging again, or turning it into new packaging. Any cardboard packaging you buy from us will be recycled, which means it’s been used before and has been recycled.

Kimberley Watson Packaging - Sustainable Packaging

Take a look at your organisation’s methods of packaging, think about the impact it may have on the environment if you’ve not been using recycled and sustainable packaging up until now. If you’ve haven’t been using recycled packaging, then now is the time to change. Get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging and we can supply all your packaging for your products with quality, sustainable and recyclable cardboard, your customers will thank you for it and you can increase business by making this small yet inexpensive concession.

Importance of Sustainable Packaging for Your Organisation

Here at Kimberley Watson we believe in sustainable packaging and today we’re going to be talking about why we think it’s so important. It’s clearly important with other businesses too as the market for sustainable packaging has risen exponentially over the past few years, and it’s set to rise even further in 2018. So, there’s never been a better time to utilise a sustainable option for your packaging and join the million of others who are too.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging has to be made from certain materials for it to be considered sustainable. It must be environmentally friendly throughout its use and after its use has been fulfilled. Because unsustainable packaging can be such a hazard to the environment, there have been changes in the design of packaging products and a change from heavier materials to lightweight packaging materials. Other positive trends have seen an increased use of recycled materials in packaging and improvements in efficiency with both logistics and packaging.

Benefits and Gains, It’s All Win Win

The benefits of sustainable packaging are endless, as well as helping the environment and reducing the waste that causes so much damage, it also saves in energy costs for those creating the packaging. It can also save your pocket, by reducing the amount of materials you use to package your products, changing the design so it can be adequately sized to the size of the product, and then using an eco-friendly print, you’ll be doing a lot of good things, which you can also benefit from.

It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth…Or Your Wallet

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to lose out on functionality either. It can be packaged so it provides adequate strength and functionality at the same time as being cost effective. Everyone wins, including environment. Don’t think of it as merely a means of cutting down on costs though, also try to see it as a way of promoting the sustainability of the products you sell. Your customers will be impressed and perhaps impressed enough to invest in what you’re selling more than once, going on to become a permanent customer.

Kimberley Watson Packaging – For All Your Packaging Needs

If you’d like to invest in sustainable packaging for your business, then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We can help you with all your sustainable packaging requirements, making sure you save on costs, time and help the environment. Your customers will thank you for it, so why not get in touch today and benefit from the use of sustainable packaging for your products.

How Packaging Can Improve Your Operations

Here at Kimberley Watson we know an awful lot about packaging, as you would expect. Because cardboard packaging is our business we feel we can pass on good advice on how it can improve your operations, and this post today is about exactly that.

By improving your processes, you can make a positive impact on your business. Take in all the aspects of your packaging, the machinery you use, the materials, shipping, payment dates, aesthetic details and how much you pay, and you can help make a move towards greater efficiency, which will improve operations exponentially.

Think About Your Packaging

These days packaging can be cut and dyed into any shape, whether it’s corrugated or otherwise. This type of packaging is lighter and kinder to the environment. Biodegradable packaging is increasingly the option for those with a desire to make less of an impact with their carbon footprint. If it benefits the environment, then it benefits you and your customers, who will appreciate your decision to choose ethical packaging. You will also find that the lighter and more efficient the packaging, the quicker your operations are.

Is Your Packaging Line Efficient?

Packaging machinery needs to be in full operation or it can affect the packaging line to such a degree that operations are almost brought to a standstill. You may need to make an investment in machinery that will put your packaging and your business back on track, and of course gradually, you will see improvements, in fact improvements will be quicker when you invest in better technology. You could bring in someone externally who could carry out an audit on your production line, offering ideas on where improvements could be made.

Inspect and Maintain

Once you’ve invested in something better, always inspect and maintain it on a regular basis so you get the best out of it. It will help ensure its reliability and longevity. By keeping on top of things you can identify problems before they become insurmountable and keep the production line functional.

Labelling Costs

Think about your labelling and print labels directly on to your packaging. You’ll take the hard work out of creating sticky labels which would have to be created separately, you’ll save yourself time and money by doing it this way.

Data & Audits

Keep data on information that could help you save in the long-term, keep a record of how much certain aspects of packing are costing, has there been an increase, is this increase something you can absorb or is it time to change? Work with people you trust who can watch out for these small details if you’re too busy to do it yourself.

Outsource Your Packaging Needs

If you want your organisation to operate at maximum efficiency then why not get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We can positively transform your business when it comes to packaging by tailoring it to your exact requirements. That way you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Get in touch today.

Importance of Bespoke Packaging

Today we’re talking about the importance of bespoke packaging and why it makes such a difference to both your branding and business and help with sales. Your products rely on packaging to keep them safe, protect them from damage during delivery and for storage purposes. They also help with brand message, and convey to people what your product is about and what it is.

Spending Time On The Style and Design Is Crucial

Therefore, it isn’t a simple case of placing your products in a plain brown box, it also includes the process of choosing the right colour combination, style and design. It’s important you choose something that matches the rest of your business and speaks for your brand and product. The design of your product can affect a buyer’s decision to purchase, so naturally it’s a very important part of the process to get right.

Poor Packaging Results In Poor Sales

It’s not as simple as believing that your product will simply sell itself because it’s that good. People browse, move from one product to another, they scrutinise the packaging subconsciously and if they’re not attracted to it, move on to the next thing. A large percentage of new products are pulled from the shelf due to poor packaging, because they failed to attract any customers.

Aesthetics Really Matters

Bespoke packaging can really make or break your product, so it pays to pay attention to creating something that works. The aesthetics matters and because there are so many products already vying for the customer’s attention, and you have to make sure yours stands out. It doesn’t have to be loud and garish though, a simple yet minimalist look can be enough in the crazy world of over-busy products. What you need to do is consider the important aspects of your product and how you see the packaging representing that.

Choose Colours Wisely

Colours are important and are very often associated with a brand, bright colours are often used for children’s products, blue and white for healthy foods, and sometimes one particular colour with a brand. Choose one or more colour that you feel really fits your brand and product well and use it.

Great User Experience Means More Exposure

If the packaging is really interesting then users will often feature it on social media channels which means your products get even more exposure. You could also try making it a little interactive like some of the bigger brands, with hidden compartments, or easily removable lids that reveal an inner sanctum of goodies, make it an adventure. If opening your product is a great experience then customers are going to always associate that feeling with your product and brand. It’s about creating a great user experience and making it a positive one for those who’ve made a purchase.

The Environment Matters To Your Customers

People are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact packaging makes and because of this its having an impact on whether they buy from you or not. There is a high percentage of people who will always buy with recycling in mind, and if your product is packaged in materials that’s taken the environmental and social impact into consideration, the better for you and your business.


Finally, consider your audience, their demographic, age and interests. Think of your target audience, the kind of people who are going to be using your product. By doing that you’ll get far better results.

Kimberley Watson – The Very Best In Bespoke Packaging

If you’re looking for bespoke packaging that stands out for all the right reasons, then your first point of contact should be us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We can work with you to create something that speaks for you brand and your product. You may have some rough sketches of your own, and if so, we can print them for you, or one of our graphic designers can come up with something with you and make sure it meets the brief.

Get in touch today and we can help create powerful bespoke packaging that works for your product and business.


There are many important reasons why you should use FSC accredited products and we’ll be going through some of the most important ones today. If you’ve been buying cardboard packaging and/or corrugated packaging you may have noticed the logo for FSC or you’ve heard people mention it. If you’re not entirely sure why you should be using packaging that comes with this logo and accreditation then read on, and we’ll take you through some of the most important reasons of why it matters.


Cutting down trees has a massive impact on the environment so any business that supplies wood for packaging should do it responsibly. Providing wood responsibly involves making sure that the forest is managed sensibly and that all wood used to make products such as packaging is renewable. Wood is a reusable resource anyway, and much easier to recycle, using less energy than aluminium or steel.


You may not be aware of this but trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow so each cubic meter of timber will save 2 tons of CO². Unlike other building materials, timber has a very low energy embodiment, which means it doesn’t need as much energy as other materials to produce wood.


Wood is also great at providing insulation so if it’s ever used for construction then its advantages are obvious. In fact, it’s insulation abilities are better than both steel and brick. But back to paper. The FSC is an acronym for Forest Stewardship Council. This is a non-profit organisation and it promotes responsible use of timber. Forests all over the world are certified by the FSC so they will meet the very highest of environmental standards.


Whenever you see the FSC logo you’ll know that using it won’t result in harm to forests all over the world which have been certified by the FSC.


We only use packaging from FSC accredited paper mills, this means that as a customer you have peace of mind knowing that we care about the environment as much as you do. If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, get in touch and one of us will be more than happy to talk it through with you.


If you require cardboard packaging or corrugated packaging that is FSC accredited then just give us a call, our details are on our contact page.

The Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly is a term that’s become associated with products which are less harmful to the environment and can be either recycled or disposed of safely. It is becoming more of an imperative for product packaging to be eco-friendlier, so if someone has mentioned it to you, and you’re now considering changing over, let us fill you on why eco friendly packaging is so important.

Growing Environmental Concern

Many of your customers will be concerned with the environment and if you change over to environmentally friendly packaging then you could not only see an increase in sales but an improvement in customer loyalty. If your customers see your commitment to environmental matters, then this is naturally going to leave a lasting positive impression and this could pay back dividends in sales.

Of course, going with eco-friendly packaging will bring its own satisfaction. If you care about the environment, then making changes to how you package your products will give you immense satisfaction knowing you’re doing something positive to help the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Retail Packaging

It’s important you give the right impression for your business, and if you let your customers know that you’re about more than just the money and that you’re prepared to make sacrifices, then you’ll begin making emotional connections with them.

Shelf Ready Packaging That’s Eco-friendly

Working sustainability into your business and making sure that you use only what you say you use can avoid potential embarrassment and damaging news about your brand. Don’t say you use environmentally friendly packaging unless you do, and always make sure you check it is before you buy.

Commitment to an Eco-Friendly Approach

Here at Kimberley Watson Packaging we only work with 100% environmentally friendly packaging for our clients, so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for. As a company dealing with packaging, we’ve been aware for some time of the dangers of environmental pollution. We only use FSC accredited paper mills, creating packaging that’s fit for purpose without any excess. So, when you buy retail packaging or shelf-ready packaging from us you know what you’re getting, and you can tell your customers that’s exactly what you use to pack your products with.

Speak to the Eco-Friendly Packaging Experts

If you think you’d like to invest in environmentally friendly packaging for the first time, or you have, but with another company and you’d like to change, then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We pride ourselves on hard work and attention to detail, and a passion for customers satisfaction, which means we go the extra leg for our customers every single time. Need a logo for you brand? No problem, we have dedicated graphic designers who can help you create the perfect image that speaks volumes for your business. Give us a call today.

Importance of Cardboard Packaging to an Organisation's Success

A lot of people may not place that much importance on packaging, after all, what’s inside is what matters. But cardboard packaging is important, it’s plays a fundamental role in the perception of your business. What you’ll find is that your packaging will speak volumes for your products and your brand, helping to spread the word far and wide how amazing your business actually is.

Try Something Different

By sticking with plain, banal packaging you’re not setting your brand apart from others. To stand out, you need packaging that stands out from your competitors. Ideally, you should aim for something unusual, either in designs, logo or brand. By creating unique and original packaging, you set your products apart from the rest and allow a glimpse into how cool your brand actually is.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Never underestimate the power of colour when it comes to packaging either. This can have a really powerful impact on potential clients, influencing their buying decisions.

However, don’t go crazy with the colour scheme because too many can put people off. You may be surprised to know that our brains react to colours in different ways, so even something as simple as white could elicit a positive reaction, with more pure and simple elements, while blue or dark navy will elicit other reactions. Lighter blues are considered more playful, while darker shades are considered to be more businesslike and professional.

The Best Marketing is On the Outside of Your Packaging

Think of your packaging as a marketing tool and treat it with as much importance as you would any other aspect of your marketing arsenal. Spend time and money on your brand’s logo and graphics, could it be better? What does it need to make it that little bit more special? Consider the messages you place on your packaging too because they could convey a simple yet evocative message about your brand.

You Want People to Remember You

What you’re aiming for is brand recognition, it’s important. You want something that’s memorable, something so good you won’t need or want to change the original look for some time, apart from the odd tweak. Look at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coca-cola or any other well-known recognisable brand. They haven’t changed too much over the years and still essentially have the same message, they’ve just made the odd subtle change.

Speak to the Cardboard Packaging Experts

If you need to transport your cardboard packaging to another level and turn cardboard boxes into a brand phenomenon, then get in touch. Here at KWP, packaging is our business, and we always strive for the best for each and every one of our clients. We even have our own dedicated in-house team of graphic artists, so if you’re looking for someone to help you with the design of your brand, then look no further, because we can help you with that as well as your packaging. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your brand and packaging needs.

How are Cardboard Boxes Made?

A cardboard box has a functional purpose, and it’s easy to forget where its originated from. All you see is a box, a functional piece item you will use to carry things, such as your precious products, advertise your brand, display your logo, carry your contact details and of course, protect any fragile items.

Your cardboard box is made up of recycled or virgin paper

Your cardboard box came from a tree and it’s easy to forget this. Wood is such a sustainable natural product that can be recycled and used over and over again.

Your box will start off as a flute of recycled paper and it will be held between two liners. Again, these liners will be made up of layers of recycled paper, or other older cardboard box materials. The paper or cardboard isn’t always recycled, it might be virgin paper, but it has the potential to be recycled.

The outer layer of a box will be made from Kraft paper and this comes from softwood trees for a smooth finish. In Europe, most cardboard boxes are made from trees which have come from sustainable forests, which means that for every tree cut down, there are more planted in its place.

Virgin paper comes from tree pulp, but how does this process occur?

As you can imagine, it’s a long process with wood chips which are pulped clean so they are fit for purpose. The trees will have been cut down to create logs which will then have gone through debarking and chipping through a machine. These chips are then pulped either mechanically or chemically.


The wavy pieces of cardboard which is sandwiched between the liners of your box goes through a process of its own. This fluting is what keeps your box protected and gives it added strength. A corrugated roller machine is fed rolls of paper and the process goes back many centuries.


After the paper has done its bit through the special corrugated roller machine they must be stuck together to create a box. Hot steam will have been sprayed on the paper while it was travelling through the machine and it will also have had glue placed on one side. Two liners will be held by the machine on to the board and the cardboard cut on each side with a saw so it’s straight. From there it will be cut several more times, depending on how big this particular box will be. There is a guide to follow from FEFCO, The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers and this is standard throughout Europe.

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We hope you enjoyed our guide on how cardboard boxes are made. It can be a devilishly hard process to explain, but fascinating nonetheless. If you have any questions on what we’ve discussed today or any other questions regarding cardboard packaging for your business products or services, then please get in touch.

Packaging Fragile Products

If you sell products which are fragile, you may be concerned as to how to get them from one central place to another without damaging them. We’ve come up with tips on how to ensure fragile items arrive unscathed so read on.

Chipboard Partitions

If you’re packaging something like glass, then chipboard partitions are great as they can partition off items so they won’t rub up against each other on the journey. By cradling each item with thick cardboard, you’re giving your items an extra layer of protection.

Transport Your Fragile Items Safely

Another method you could use is corrugated cardboard boxes. It’s a great way of transporting fragile items. Despite thickness, shape and size, your items will arrive in the same condition as they were when you sent them out. Fluting or folds which are folded up like a fan also help, they can be placed in-between two layers of corrugated cardboard. The folds often interlock so they are doubly secure, you can then finish off your packaging with strong packing tape.

What about the outside as well as the inside?

Now you’ve made sure your items are safe, how do you make sure your packages look as good on the outside as they do on the inside? You want the look and design of your exterior packaging to reflect your brand and give an overall great impression. Just because your items are carefully stored in corrugated cardboard doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the outside. You can place your logo, carefully designed on the outside with carefully chosen colours and design so your packaging really stands out.

You don’t want the party to end once they open the package, so always make sure that the inside packaging has a little something extra too, you can add their name to personalise it, and although there’s extra packaging in there, you can always add coloured paper to wrap around the cardboard within that matches the colours in your brand logo.

Basically, you can have it all, carefully wrapped fragile items, with all the pizzazz your brand deserves. When it comes to beautifully packaged items that are also functional and keep your items safe, you have it covered - literally.

KWP Packaging For Superior Cardboard Packaging

If you’re looking for some of the items we’ve mentioned in this week’s blog, such as the corrugated cardboard and fluting, get in touch with us here at KWP Packaging and we’ll be more than happy to help. We can also help with the exterior of your packaging making sure it stands out. Need help with your brand logo? We can do that too. We have graphic artists who can work on your brand logo and work with you to create something really special. Get in touch with us – today.

The Benefits of Retail Ready Packaging

Retail stores are love retail ready packaging, they aim to use it wherever possible and certainly favour products that are packaged this way. Retailers are always looking to bring down their costs as their overheads can be large, so retail ready packaging is a great way to trim these as retail ready packaging requires less time restocking and 'facing up'.

Companies providing products to such stores have to ensure their products meet their expectations and requests. Retail ready packaging should have the following characteristics:

  • Easily distinguished

  • Easily opened

  • Easily shelved

  • Easily recycled

Using Retail Ready Packaging Has Several Benefits For Both the Store and Product Supplier

It Makes You Consider How Your Individual Products are Packaged

The overall package design makes you take a step back and think about how the products within are presented. You will also have to consider how the packaging holds up on its journey to stores and within the warehouse while it is being stored. This will lower costs related to wastage at a later stage.

Avoid Stores Running Out of Stock

If your packaging is quickly and easily stocked on shelves then it is less likely to run out as staff can quickly replenish it when product numbers are dwindling. More time on the shelves means more exposure for your brand as well as more sales.

Reduce Waste

Intelligent retail ready packaging design means wastage is lowered and less is spent on materials in the first place. Retailers will spend less on disposing of materials, lowering costs for them and is of course kinder for the environment.

Product Presentation

Designing your products and their packaging to be sturdy and easily shelved doesn't mean it loses out in terms of aesthetics. The design of the product packaging is of utmost importance to catch the eye of customers and maximise sales.

Talk to the Retail Ready Packaging Experts

If you haven't already considered retail ready packaging or would like to update the the design you have then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We can carry out a free packaging review to establish exactly what you require and what styles and design would work best in terms of efficiency and maximising sales.

Choosing a Custom Cardboard Box

There are a huge variety of cardboard boxes out there for you to choose from in a range of sizes and styles. However, sometimes the standard boxes that are held in stock are not quite right for your requirements and you need a custom cardboard box that precisely meets your needs. If this is the case, then what should you take into consideration?

Cardboard Box Style

You can choose from the the range of standardised styles available or work with the design team to come up with something unique. The style may have to be bespoke if it is going to contain something that is unusually shaped or you just want the packaging to stand out from the crowd.

The Size of the Box

You will need to decide what the internal dimensions of your box need to be in order to hold the items you intend to put inside of it. You may also want to consider the external size of the box so it meets certain standards set by the Royal Mail's pricing for different parcel sizes, a little too big and your delivery costs will jump up.


Single wall boxes will usually hold up to around 10kg while a double wall box will hold around 30kg. If your boxes are going to be travelling a long way, overseas for example, then it is a good idea to ensure they are strong enough to last the wear and tear of the journey.

Colour and Design

The cheapest option is always going to be the plain brown colour with white being the next easiest choice. Other colours will be a print job and cost a little more, however, this is a great way to make your box stand out. You can add other design features to your box, such as your logo or an eye-catching design.


AS you may expect, the more you order, the lower the price per box. You need to get the balance right between ordering enough to get a good price and ensuring you have enough storage space and demand for the number of boxes you order.

Packaging Trends for 2017

There are some great trends about to catch fire this year in 2017 and we’re going to be taking a look at them today.

Bold, Clear and Clean Labels

Consumers want clear instructions on brands, and with food they want ingredient information, especially important when there is so much emphasis on healthy eating and the move away from artificial preservatives. Therefore, the backlash against additives is gathering pace, and clean labels is part of that shift toward healthier eating habits.

Colour will also have an impact this year with bright bold shades to evoke the right emotions. Brighter colours work together to set the scene, they’ve always played an important part in packaging, but now they’re brighter and bolder than ever. If colours are effective enough, does this make words unnecessary – after all, if you can associate a colour with a particular brand, perhaps you can dispense with them altogether?

Back to Basics

We’re moving away from the bold and the brash towards a more clean and simple brand message. We’ve seen it with accessories and garments, and now we’re beginning to see it with other products too, including food and beauty items. Basic is no longer a cheap and nasty product at the lower end of the market, it’s now starting to take pride of place alongside luxury products. Basic can mean stripped down to more natural ingredients and more environmental friendly products, and this is fulfilling a need, many consumers are becoming super aware of healthy eating and looking after our bodies – on the inside and the outside.

Sophisticated Craft Beer Brand Designs

Artisan beer is nothing new, but the branding behind it has become more sophisticated and detailed, it reflects the more sophisticated tastes of the people of drinking it and the more refined recipes we are seeing. Packaging then has evolved to match the deliciously sophisticated beers available to us, and it’s given designers an opportunity to showcase their skills. Craft beer brand designs then are far more artistic and this will extend beyond the bottle label to the actual packaging design itself. For a shelf stand-out, you couldn’t get better than some of the elegant and refined designs we’ve been seeing.

Vintage Packaging

This is going to evolve even more this year taking advantage of new technologies and materials to create something that captures the consumer’s imagination. It serves two purposes – it reminds people of time which they are old enough to remember, and for younger people it gives them a renewed curiosity about a past they’ve not lived through but are interested in exploring.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

This is moving towards natural, sustainable, biodegradable packaging and it’s here to stay. As we move towards recycling and upcycling, and become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, packaging changes and evolves to accommodate our new-found knowledge. With this in mind, there’ll be more packaging that has a positive rather than negative impact on the environment.

KWP – Packaging That’s One Step Ahead

If you’re looking for cardboard packaging that follows a trend, if you want packaging that has a unique design and is ethically made and recyclable, then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer’s satisfaction and the devil is always in the detail for us.

We have talented designers that can help create a logo for your brand to complement your packaging and your product beautifully. We’ll work with you to create something really special, something that speaks for your brand and company ethos. Whatever the trend, we’ll work it into the design and make it speak to your ideal customer.

Corrugated Packaging Expected to Outperform Other Paper Packaging

If you’re wondering which type of cardboard packaging is best for your products, then let’s make it clear that corrugated packaging is expected to outperform other types of packaging this year and next. So, if you’re still undecided, read on, and find out why so many businesses are turning to corrugated packaging as an alternative to more traditional ones such as plastic bags and crates.

As you’ll start to see, corrugated cardboard is becoming a more acceptable and more useful way of packing groceries and non-food items. It’s a common-sense choice aimed at making companies lives easier and the transition from factory to retail shelf smoother.

More Grocery Deliveries, Better Packaging Required

There are currently many businesses who are now offering online grocery deliveries, and this means that packaging needs to be strong and secure. Even products which don’t hold food still need to be strong and effective. As brands and suppliers are trying to adapt strategies to changing consumer habits, packaging must adapt too.

Corrugated Boxes – Alternative to Plastic Bags and Crates

Corrugated boxes are now slowly replacing plastic bags and crates for the transportation of food. It’s easy to understand why, the cleanliness of plastic crates has been called into questions recently, and its well documented how harmful plastic bags can be. You’ll also find corrugated boxes keep food products fresh for longer and naturally strong enough to minimise accidents during transportation

We Believe in Corrugated Packaging

With all this in mind, it’s no small wonder then, that here at Kimberley Watson Packaging we’re seeing an exponential increase in the sale of corrugated cardboard. We believe it’s the way forward for the packaging of groceries and other items. It’s safe, strong and durable, making it an easy choice as opposed to other forms of packaging.

Recyclable and Biodegradable

What’s also great about corrugated cardboard packaging is that it’s both recyclable and naturally biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. Naturally, it’s always best to recycle, but you’ll know that either way, you’re using a product that’s not going to create harmful waste.

KWP – Corrugated Packaging At Its Best

If you’re interested in investing in corrugated packaging for your products, then why not get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson.

Improve Sales With Shelf Ready Packaging

What's not to love about shelf ready packaging? It’s on the shelf where it can be seen by hundreds of customers, it’s practical and cost effective for the retailer, and it can have a real impact on your sales. If you’re not yet convinced of the advantages of shelf ready packaging, then read on and find out how you can improve sales for your business by changing how your products are seen.

What is Shelf-Ready Packaging?

In short, shelf-ready packaging serves two purposes: to transfer your packaging safely, and to display it in a prominent place where it can be seen. It’s designed specifically to catch the eye of a potential customer and reduces time needed by staff to create eye-catching displays. If it’s been designed well, the packaging does all the work for you with eye-catching logos and cleverly used graphics, so your product has all the marketing help it needs to sell itself.

Shelf-Ready Packaging Stands Out

If you have a well thought through design for your products, then shelf ready packing can do all your marketing for you. Better product visibility means that you have the potential to make more sales. The products can be displayed where they can be seen and looked at up close by customers, and the box can be torn open by staff quickly and placed on the shelf without the need for knives or scissors. It’s that simple.

Sustainability and Keeping it Upright

You need to make sure your shelf ready packaging is strong enough to hold what it contains and can remain upright. Shelf-ready packaging is usually used once and then when its empty – thrown away. However, if you care about the environment, you’ll want to make sure that it’s sustainable, corrugated cardboard is probably the most recyclable, so this something worth considering.

Shelf-Ready Packaging Will Help You Improve Your Sales

What shelf-ready packaging can do for you is not only place your products where they’ll be seen, but also provide a safe and secure area for them to sit. Add to that a sustainable way to recycle the packaging after it’s been used, and you’ll see why it’s such a great idea.

KWP - For All Your Shelf-Ready Packaging Needs

If you think you’d like to go ahead with shelf-ready packaging get in touch. Perhaps you want to try it for the first time, or you have a new product you want to put on the market. You may have your own ideas which you can bring to the table and we’ll work with your designs, on the other hand perhaps you’re out of ideas, and need a little help. We’d love to work with you on your packaging needs, give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Corrugated Packaging to Protect Your Products

If you have products to be delivered and they are delicate enough to require something a little stronger, then you need good, strong safe packaging. If unsuitable materials are used, it’s possible your products will be damaged, and this is the last thing you need. Damaged products cost money, so investing in something that’s strong, durable and safe like corrugated packaging is the sensible decision.

We believe that our corrugated packaging is the best out there in terms of strength and reliability. Corrugated cardboard is probably one of the most recognised form of packaging and is used for a variety of different products for shipping.

Made of Paper?

What it’s made of is quite different to what you may think, it’s not actually cardboard but paperboard, and this contains air pockets acting as cushions which in turn provides added strength to the box.

Corrugated Packaging: What are the Benefits?

It’s used for a variety of different products including glass, edible and electrical items.

  • The advantage with corrugated boxes is that they are large and have a much bigger storage capacity

  • Dividers are often used to create partitions, this allows for the safe transportation of fragile items

  • Important information about the products and the name of the brand can be easily printed on the box where it can be seen

  • They’re recycled and can be used again

  • They’re not only strong, but they can be treated so they’re resistant to oil and grease

  • They’re the cheapest packaging, while being completely recyclable and extra strong.

With all this in mind, it’s only natural then that corrugated packaging is such an easy choice when it comes to transporting fragile, delicate items. With corrugated packaging you’re safe in the knowledge that products are going to arrive safely. 

KWP Packaging – Corrugated Packaging Experts

If you have delicate items which require strong and secure transportation, then get in touch with us here at KWP Packaging. We’re the experts in cardboard and corrugated packaging is one of our most popular products – for a reason. Our customers know that with this type of packaging their products are safe from harm and will reach their destination in excellent condition, so get in touch today.