The Benefits of Retail Ready Packaging

Retail stores are love retail ready packaging, they aim to use it wherever possible and certainly favour products that are packaged this way. Retailers are always looking to bring down their costs as their overheads can be large, so retail ready packaging is a great way to trim these as retail ready packaging requires less time restocking and 'facing up'.

Companies providing products to such stores have to ensure their products meet their expectations and requests. Retail ready packaging should have the following characteristics:

  • Easily distinguished

  • Easily opened

  • Easily shelved

  • Easily recycled

Using Retail Ready Packaging Has Several Benefits For Both the Store and Product Supplier

It Makes You Consider How Your Individual Products are Packaged

The overall package design makes you take a step back and think about how the products within are presented. You will also have to consider how the packaging holds up on its journey to stores and within the warehouse while it is being stored. This will lower costs related to wastage at a later stage.

Avoid Stores Running Out of Stock

If your packaging is quickly and easily stocked on shelves then it is less likely to run out as staff can quickly replenish it when product numbers are dwindling. More time on the shelves means more exposure for your brand as well as more sales.

Reduce Waste

Intelligent retail ready packaging design means wastage is lowered and less is spent on materials in the first place. Retailers will spend less on disposing of materials, lowering costs for them and is of course kinder for the environment.

Product Presentation

Designing your products and their packaging to be sturdy and easily shelved doesn't mean it loses out in terms of aesthetics. The design of the product packaging is of utmost importance to catch the eye of customers and maximise sales.

Talk to the Retail Ready Packaging Experts

If you haven't already considered retail ready packaging or would like to update the the design you have then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We can carry out a free packaging review to establish exactly what you require and what styles and design would work best in terms of efficiency and maximising sales.