Horticulture Packaging

 At Kimberley Watson Packaging we offer a range of horticultural packaging options that will protect the items within as well as be visually appealing to really sell the product.

Because we’re an environmentally friendly company, we ensure that your packaging is manufactured using paper sourced only from fully FSC accredited paper mills, is easy to dispose of and helps you to reduce packaging waste.

Pakcaging For Transportation & Display

Horticulture packaging comes in many shapes and forms due to the range of products that fall into this category. We can create the packaging you need to safely transport and effectively display and sell your products.

Bespoke Packaging Design

Our design team work hard to create robust horticultural packaging that is specific to each product. Our team also keeps in the mind the importance of the appearance of the packaging and designs appropriately to make sure the packaging is as fantastic as the products within.

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