Chemical Packaging

At Kimberley Watson Packaging we offer chemical packaging that is up to the job. chemical packaging does have some similarities to other types of packaging, however there are a few differences that are required to ensure it is suited to the specific job at hand.

Because we’re an environmentally friendly company, we ensure that your packaging is manufactured using paper sourced only from fully FSC accredited paper mills, is easy to dispose of and helps you to reduce packaging waste.

At Kimberley Watson packaging we take pride in finding the right packaging solutions for each customers individual needs and delivering a product that is fit for purpose.


We understand that chemical packaging has to be tough as it is often used to carry heavy products, we make sure our products are up to the job, whatever it may be. However, toughness is not always enough alone as the packaging may be distributed to retail stores, so the packaging has to be aesthetically impressive and thought has to have gone in to the design in this respect.


Your chemical packaging may require a more intricate design with internal compartments and division for protection of contents. Our team will work alongside you to make sure all this is covered and the right packaging for your products is created.


Get in touch with our experienced team today to have all your industrial packaging needs met with experience, expertise and an attention to detail. Our team are happy to answer your queries and set-up a free packaging review to ensure you have the right packaging service for your requirements.

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