corrugated packaging


Shelf Ready packaging made simple

If your business is looking for shelf ready or retail ready packaging, we’re the team to deliver. Helping you increase pack sales and make sure your brand is seen as much as possible by consumers.

We make sure that our retail ready service packaging is uncomplicated and both simple to pack and strong enough to be transported to a store.

You’ll obviously need it to be clear and easy to see with the brand name standing out. You want simple graphics and easy to read instructions.  It needs to be easy to open and provide excellent fit for shelving.

well presented Shelf Ready Packaging

This is important. You need a LINK between what’s on the actual product and what’s on the outside packaging and here at Kimberley Watson Packaging we understand this.

We make sure there’s a good match between the presentation and the interior packaging, and that it’s eye catching enough with superior print quality for customers.

Because we’re an environmentally friendly company, we ensure that your shelf/retail ready packaging is manufactured using papers sourced only from fully FSC accredited paper mills, is easy to dispose of and helps you to reduce packaging waste.

We can tailor make anything you need and make sure it meets your specifications exactly. We also make sure that the needs of the retailers and the products are a perfect match.

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