Choosing a Custom Cardboard Box

There are a huge variety of cardboard boxes out there for you to choose from in a range of sizes and styles. However, sometimes the standard boxes that are held in stock are not quite right for your requirements and you need a custom cardboard box that precisely meets your needs. If this is the case, then what should you take into consideration?

Cardboard Box Style

You can choose from the the range of standardised styles available or work with the design team to come up with something unique. The style may have to be bespoke if it is going to contain something that is unusually shaped or you just want the packaging to stand out from the crowd.

The Size of the Box

You will need to decide what the internal dimensions of your box need to be in order to hold the items you intend to put inside of it. You may also want to consider the external size of the box so it meets certain standards set by the Royal Mail's pricing for different parcel sizes, a little too big and your delivery costs will jump up.


Single wall boxes will usually hold up to around 10kg while a double wall box will hold around 30kg. If your boxes are going to be travelling a long way, overseas for example, then it is a good idea to ensure they are strong enough to last the wear and tear of the journey.

Colour and Design

The cheapest option is always going to be the plain brown colour with white being the next easiest choice. Other colours will be a print job and cost a little more, however, this is a great way to make your box stand out. You can add other design features to your box, such as your logo or an eye-catching design.


AS you may expect, the more you order, the lower the price per box. You need to get the balance right between ordering enough to get a good price and ensuring you have enough storage space and demand for the number of boxes you order.