Packaging Trends for 2017

There are some great trends about to catch fire this year in 2017 and we’re going to be taking a look at them today.

Bold, Clear and Clean Labels

Consumers want clear instructions on brands, and with food they want ingredient information, especially important when there is so much emphasis on healthy eating and the move away from artificial preservatives. Therefore, the backlash against additives is gathering pace, and clean labels is part of that shift toward healthier eating habits.

Colour will also have an impact this year with bright bold shades to evoke the right emotions. Brighter colours work together to set the scene, they’ve always played an important part in packaging, but now they’re brighter and bolder than ever. If colours are effective enough, does this make words unnecessary – after all, if you can associate a colour with a particular brand, perhaps you can dispense with them altogether?

Back to Basics

We’re moving away from the bold and the brash towards a more clean and simple brand message. We’ve seen it with accessories and garments, and now we’re beginning to see it with other products too, including food and beauty items. Basic is no longer a cheap and nasty product at the lower end of the market, it’s now starting to take pride of place alongside luxury products. Basic can mean stripped down to more natural ingredients and more environmental friendly products, and this is fulfilling a need, many consumers are becoming super aware of healthy eating and looking after our bodies – on the inside and the outside.

Sophisticated Craft Beer Brand Designs

Artisan beer is nothing new, but the branding behind it has become more sophisticated and detailed, it reflects the more sophisticated tastes of the people of drinking it and the more refined recipes we are seeing. Packaging then has evolved to match the deliciously sophisticated beers available to us, and it’s given designers an opportunity to showcase their skills. Craft beer brand designs then are far more artistic and this will extend beyond the bottle label to the actual packaging design itself. For a shelf stand-out, you couldn’t get better than some of the elegant and refined designs we’ve been seeing.

Vintage Packaging

This is going to evolve even more this year taking advantage of new technologies and materials to create something that captures the consumer’s imagination. It serves two purposes – it reminds people of time which they are old enough to remember, and for younger people it gives them a renewed curiosity about a past they’ve not lived through but are interested in exploring.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

This is moving towards natural, sustainable, biodegradable packaging and it’s here to stay. As we move towards recycling and upcycling, and become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, packaging changes and evolves to accommodate our new-found knowledge. With this in mind, there’ll be more packaging that has a positive rather than negative impact on the environment.

KWP – Packaging That’s One Step Ahead

If you’re looking for cardboard packaging that follows a trend, if you want packaging that has a unique design and is ethically made and recyclable, then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer’s satisfaction and the devil is always in the detail for us.

We have talented designers that can help create a logo for your brand to complement your packaging and your product beautifully. We’ll work with you to create something really special, something that speaks for your brand and company ethos. Whatever the trend, we’ll work it into the design and make it speak to your ideal customer.