Packaging Fragile Products

If you sell products which are fragile, you may be concerned as to how to get them from one central place to another without damaging them. We’ve come up with tips on how to ensure fragile items arrive unscathed so read on.

Chipboard Partitions

If you’re packaging something like glass, then chipboard partitions are great as they can partition off items so they won’t rub up against each other on the journey. By cradling each item with thick cardboard, you’re giving your items an extra layer of protection.

Transport Your Fragile Items Safely

Another method you could use is corrugated cardboard boxes. It’s a great way of transporting fragile items. Despite thickness, shape and size, your items will arrive in the same condition as they were when you sent them out. Fluting or folds which are folded up like a fan also help, they can be placed in-between two layers of corrugated cardboard. The folds often interlock so they are doubly secure, you can then finish off your packaging with strong packing tape.

What about the outside as well as the inside?

Now you’ve made sure your items are safe, how do you make sure your packages look as good on the outside as they do on the inside? You want the look and design of your exterior packaging to reflect your brand and give an overall great impression. Just because your items are carefully stored in corrugated cardboard doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the outside. You can place your logo, carefully designed on the outside with carefully chosen colours and design so your packaging really stands out.

You don’t want the party to end once they open the package, so always make sure that the inside packaging has a little something extra too, you can add their name to personalise it, and although there’s extra packaging in there, you can always add coloured paper to wrap around the cardboard within that matches the colours in your brand logo.

Basically, you can have it all, carefully wrapped fragile items, with all the pizzazz your brand deserves. When it comes to beautifully packaged items that are also functional and keep your items safe, you have it covered - literally.

KWP Packaging For Superior Cardboard Packaging

If you’re looking for some of the items we’ve mentioned in this week’s blog, such as the corrugated cardboard and fluting, get in touch with us here at KWP Packaging and we’ll be more than happy to help. We can also help with the exterior of your packaging making sure it stands out. Need help with your brand logo? We can do that too. We have graphic artists who can work on your brand logo and work with you to create something really special. Get in touch with us – today.