Importance of Cardboard Packaging to an Organisation's Success

A lot of people may not place that much importance on packaging, after all, what’s inside is what matters. But cardboard packaging is important, it’s plays a fundamental role in the perception of your business. What you’ll find is that your packaging will speak volumes for your products and your brand, helping to spread the word far and wide how amazing your business actually is.

Try Something Different

By sticking with plain, banal packaging you’re not setting your brand apart from others. To stand out, you need packaging that stands out from your competitors. Ideally, you should aim for something unusual, either in designs, logo or brand. By creating unique and original packaging, you set your products apart from the rest and allow a glimpse into how cool your brand actually is.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Never underestimate the power of colour when it comes to packaging either. This can have a really powerful impact on potential clients, influencing their buying decisions.

However, don’t go crazy with the colour scheme because too many can put people off. You may be surprised to know that our brains react to colours in different ways, so even something as simple as white could elicit a positive reaction, with more pure and simple elements, while blue or dark navy will elicit other reactions. Lighter blues are considered more playful, while darker shades are considered to be more businesslike and professional.

The Best Marketing is On the Outside of Your Packaging

Think of your packaging as a marketing tool and treat it with as much importance as you would any other aspect of your marketing arsenal. Spend time and money on your brand’s logo and graphics, could it be better? What does it need to make it that little bit more special? Consider the messages you place on your packaging too because they could convey a simple yet evocative message about your brand.

You Want People to Remember You

What you’re aiming for is brand recognition, it’s important. You want something that’s memorable, something so good you won’t need or want to change the original look for some time, apart from the odd tweak. Look at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coca-cola or any other well-known recognisable brand. They haven’t changed too much over the years and still essentially have the same message, they’ve just made the odd subtle change.

Speak to the Cardboard Packaging Experts

If you need to transport your cardboard packaging to another level and turn cardboard boxes into a brand phenomenon, then get in touch. Here at KWP, packaging is our business, and we always strive for the best for each and every one of our clients. We even have our own dedicated in-house team of graphic artists, so if you’re looking for someone to help you with the design of your brand, then look no further, because we can help you with that as well as your packaging. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your brand and packaging needs.