How Your Organisation Can “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Here at Kimberley Watson Packaging we’re great believers in recycling and upcycling. We think that when you’re dealing with packaging on a daily basis like we do, it’s important to consider what exactly happens to it once it’s fulfilled its use. If you’re an organisation that uses a lot of packaging, then you’re hopefully starting to appreciate the impact packaging can have on the planet. Your organisation can help the environment by adhering to the 3 Rs, and those are reduce, reuse and recycle.


Here we are talking about how to reduce waste that you produce so you can help the environment. How do we do this? By trying to reduce the waste you produce, and if this isn’t possible, then at least either reusing it or putting out for recycling. There are recycling bins outside domestic homes as well as business areas, and you can use this to place all your old packaging once you’re done with it. But what if your packaging goes to customers and you don’t see it again? If this is the case, then make sure you only use recycled packaging as your customers are more than likely to be well versed in environmental matters and will appreciate the use of sustainable packaging. It could be the difference between keeping or losing your customers.


This doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be about reusing something, such as shredding paper and using it store something else. If it’s not possible to reuse it yourself, then place it in the recycling bins provided. For your customers, always use sustainable, recycled packaging they can use again, or they can place in the recycling bin themselves.


We’ve mentioned this a couple of times. Recycling is about using the materials that have been thrown away and turning them into something else, or if it’s packaging, using the packaging again, or turning it into new packaging. Any cardboard packaging you buy from us will be recycled, which means it’s been used before and has been recycled.

Kimberley Watson Packaging - Sustainable Packaging

Take a look at your organisation’s methods of packaging, think about the impact it may have on the environment if you’ve not been using recycled and sustainable packaging up until now. If you’ve haven’t been using recycled packaging, then now is the time to change. Get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging and we can supply all your packaging for your products with quality, sustainable and recyclable cardboard, your customers will thank you for it and you can increase business by making this small yet inexpensive concession.