Importance of Sustainable Packaging for Your Organisation

Here at Kimberley Watson we believe in sustainable packaging and today we’re going to be talking about why we think it’s so important. It’s clearly important with other businesses too as the market for sustainable packaging has risen exponentially over the past few years, and it’s set to rise even further in 2018. So, there’s never been a better time to utilise a sustainable option for your packaging and join the million of others who are too.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging has to be made from certain materials for it to be considered sustainable. It must be environmentally friendly throughout its use and after its use has been fulfilled. Because unsustainable packaging can be such a hazard to the environment, there have been changes in the design of packaging products and a change from heavier materials to lightweight packaging materials. Other positive trends have seen an increased use of recycled materials in packaging and improvements in efficiency with both logistics and packaging.

Benefits and Gains, It’s All Win Win

The benefits of sustainable packaging are endless, as well as helping the environment and reducing the waste that causes so much damage, it also saves in energy costs for those creating the packaging. It can also save your pocket, by reducing the amount of materials you use to package your products, changing the design so it can be adequately sized to the size of the product, and then using an eco-friendly print, you’ll be doing a lot of good things, which you can also benefit from.

It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth…Or Your Wallet

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to lose out on functionality either. It can be packaged so it provides adequate strength and functionality at the same time as being cost effective. Everyone wins, including environment. Don’t think of it as merely a means of cutting down on costs though, also try to see it as a way of promoting the sustainability of the products you sell. Your customers will be impressed and perhaps impressed enough to invest in what you’re selling more than once, going on to become a permanent customer.

Kimberley Watson Packaging – For All Your Packaging Needs

If you’d like to invest in sustainable packaging for your business, then get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson Packaging. We can help you with all your sustainable packaging requirements, making sure you save on costs, time and help the environment. Your customers will thank you for it, so why not get in touch today and benefit from the use of sustainable packaging for your products.