How to Make Your Packaging Part of the User Experience

Today we’re talking about packaging and making it a part of the user experience. We’re doing this because we believe it’s important to look after your customer and by making customers feel good about your product and your branding. It’s about making a connection with the customer and making them care about what it is your selling.

A sell-developed brand is key, as you can imagine, so if you don’t have a solid brand identity then that will be your first hurdle to overcome. Before you invest in product packaging then you’ll need to start thinking about what direction you want your brand to take. Of course, your brand isn’t just about colours and a logo, but once you’ve decided on your brand adding those colours and logo will definitely be a welcome addition to your packaging.

Make sure you get it right because you don’t want to find out that the investment you made doesn’t align well with your branding. If you’re sending your packaging to influencers and people who are going to invest in your business, then you want to be able to educate them on your brand and be able to explain all about your product clearly. Include things like clear photos of your product and instructions, if needed. Again, if sending to an influencer then a gift or a thank you note is always well received and remembered.


Once you’ve sorted out your brand and sent to your influencers or investors, perhaps it’s now time to think about your customers. Your target market will have a great impact on what your customers are going to expect when they get your product. It might be minimalist packaging or something more ostentatious. Always make sure your product is well protected and add some personalised touches to the outer packaging that are in line with the brand.

Make sure it’s great packaging

Make sure you add as much as you can to the final packaging, so your customer is impressed and enjoys the overall experience. Even how you attach your brand to the packaging is important, whether you stamp it on or use a ready-made label. If your product is at the higher end of the market you might want to use something with more of an expensive look to it.

Tell a story and tell it well

Always use art of story telling when you can, it might be something like telling them how you started your business, right from the ground up or possibly some knowledge of how your business is run. This helps build brand loyalty and helps you connect with your ideal customers.

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