Packaging Considerations for the Food Industry Products

Don’t think your packaging is secondary to everything else, it’s not just what’s wrapped around your products, or food products in this case, it’s so much more. Good packaging tells your customers about your brand, the product and what you stand for. It’s the flag that says, ‘here I am!’ Therefore, as you can imagine, paying attention to how you package your products is important.

You want to think about how you can get your message across to your customers, attract that all-important target market and get them as enthusiastic about your product as you can. If your product is food, then there are other things to consider.

Think Ingredient Details

You’ll need to get very knowledgeable about the details. That part’s important, what ingredients do your products have, what sub-ingredients? You’ll need to let people know the ins and outs of your products, like are there preservatives, does your packaging do the preserving? Does your food product contain any allergens, a lot of people, especially children are allergic to nuts, are there any in your food product? Make sure you know every single thing your food product contains, so there are no nasty surprises for your consumers.

So your food packaging must have all the right messages on it and also provide protection for its contents. It needs to be able to keep the contents fresh and intact for the consumer for when they come to consume it, so it holds far greater importance than for non-food products.

What’s Your Budget?

Before you take onboard all that’s required of food packaging you need to consider whether you have the budget for it. As you can imagine, packaging can be expensive and with food, it really isn’t something you can afford to skimp on. Understand all the costs of production first and do everything else second. Food packaging trends change all the time, and what you need now and can’t afford may be affordable a couple of years from now. As long as you can tackle the all-important stuff first, the stuff that determines whether your food product is safe to consume, and is preserved till consumption, that should do for now.

Don’t Forget Your Brand Message

Your brand, as you know, is important therefore make sure you figure it in to your food packaging design. It’s crucial that your packaging is created with your target audience in mind. You’ll want to strike a balance between differentiating yourself from other, similar brands to something that will be recognised for what it is - a food product. To give yourself a better chance of getting all aspects of packaging right, do some market research on your target audience so you’ll know what your ideal customers want and what they don’t want.

Kimberley Watson Packaging - For The Best in Food Packaging

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