Corrugated Packaging to Protect Your Products

If you have products to be delivered and they are delicate enough to require something a little stronger, then you need good, strong safe packaging. If unsuitable materials are used, it’s possible your products will be damaged, and this is the last thing you need. Damaged products cost money, so investing in something that’s strong, durable and safe like corrugated packaging is the sensible decision.

We believe that our corrugated packaging is the best out there in terms of strength and reliability. Corrugated cardboard is probably one of the most recognised form of packaging and is used for a variety of different products for shipping.

Made of Paper?

What it’s made of is quite different to what you may think, it’s not actually cardboard but paperboard, and this contains air pockets acting as cushions which in turn provides added strength to the box.

Corrugated Packaging: What are the Benefits?

It’s used for a variety of different products including glass, edible and electrical items.

  • The advantage with corrugated boxes is that they are large and have a much bigger storage capacity

  • Dividers are often used to create partitions, this allows for the safe transportation of fragile items

  • Important information about the products and the name of the brand can be easily printed on the box where it can be seen

  • They’re recycled and can be used again

  • They’re not only strong, but they can be treated so they’re resistant to oil and grease

  • They’re the cheapest packaging, while being completely recyclable and extra strong.

With all this in mind, it’s only natural then that corrugated packaging is such an easy choice when it comes to transporting fragile, delicate items. With corrugated packaging you’re safe in the knowledge that products are going to arrive safely. 

KWP Packaging – Corrugated Packaging Experts

If you have delicate items which require strong and secure transportation, then get in touch with us here at KWP Packaging. We’re the experts in cardboard and corrugated packaging is one of our most popular products – for a reason. Our customers know that with this type of packaging their products are safe from harm and will reach their destination in excellent condition, so get in touch today.