Stand Out During Major Events – The Do's and Don'ts of Packaging

With the Rio Olympics underway you will have noticed the numerous Olympic themed products on the shelves in shops and supermarkets. The same goes for the other major events of the summer, including the European Football Championship, The Open Golf Championship and Wimbledon. Associating your packaging with these events and others can be a great way to stand-out if you use creative, intelligent design.

The Do's of Packaging Design For Major Events

Make a Connection

Most businesses won't be officially linked to specific events, however you can design packaging that creates a connection between you and the event in the eyes of the customer. Examples of this include sport specific designs relevant to your chosen event on your packaging or a national theme, such as Brazilian for the the Rio Olympics.

Be Creative in Your Design

Ensure that your packaging stands out from the crowd. There will be many brands looking to take advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding these events, for your packaging design to be effective you will have to create something that catches the eye and holds attention.

Offer Something Extra

It can be a good idea to include a message, competition or special offer that you have tied-in to your event marketing campaign. This can be a great way to engage with potential new customers and build brand loyalty among existing customers.

The Don'ts of Packaging Design For Major Events

Don't Link Your Brand to a Completely Unrelated Event

There is not any value in creating packaging relevant to a major event if your brand has absolutely no link to it. If your product can't be used within the event or whilst watching the event then it isn't a good idea to link your brand to it, people will see through this. For food and drink manufacturers there is a wide spectrum of possibilities as these can be enjoyed while watching events or even whilst participating in them in some cases.

Don't Let the Event Overwhelm Your Brand

Be careful not to let your enthusiasm get the better of you, your brand should still be recognisable with the promotional design. You should consider altering labels and colours to tie-in with the event so customers see the connection but also recognise your traditional branding.

Don't Try to Do Everything

Your brand should find an event to tie itself to and commit to it, and it needn't be the biggest event, such as the Olympics. Other relatively smaller events such as The Open and Wimbledon or national football events attract a lot of attention and may be more suitable for you to target. You could even target local sporting events to build a community presence, many organisations would love the support.

Talk to the Packaging Design Experts

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