Why are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes So Popular?

We’re going to be talking about why we think corrugated cardboard boxes are so popular. They’re the most popular form of packaging and shipping and there are many reasons why, read on as we discuss the benefits of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Corrugated boxes are extremely light and this helps with shipping and costs which in turn help you to save money. The weight of the cargo is kept within specified limits so there are no extra added costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly, even though they’re made from wood pulp, they are recyclable. All the parts of corrugated material can be recycled or even reused. The manufacturing process for corrugated material involves over 60% of the energy being sourced from natural renewable resources. You can rest easy if you care about the environment because we care about it as much as you do, and never use anything that can’t be recycled or reused.

Ease of Use

Corrugated materials are easy to work with and they are extremely time efficient. It can also be assembled in only a few minutes. So when your corrugated boxes arrive it won’t take long for you to put them together and start using them. There’s nothing complicated about it and it’s relatively easy to do.


Corrugated boxes are both strong and durable. They can easily carry a heavy weight; this may be in part due to the corrugated flutes which allow a larger weight to be carried. They are the perfect box because they’re good for both personal and commercial use, the versatile all-singing, all-dancing packaging.


Corrugated cardboard boxes are very customisable and they can be modified easily via their shape, size and colour. Also their branding, cushioning and internal segmentation can be customised too so you can use it for practically anything.

Kimberley Watson Packaging – Quality Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

We believe that understanding your requirements is the first step to creating the best cardboard packaging for you. Our experts enjoy spending time working with you to find the perfect packaging solution. If that packaging solution is corrugated cardboard boxes, then we’ll work with you to create them, including both the design and branding.

We are dedicated to giving you a first class customer service so you’ll go away having had a positive experience with us. We have a great record when it comes to giving our customers what they want, and if you want corrugated cardboard packaging then get in touch and let’s work together to make it happen.