What are the Benefits of Die Cut Cardboard Boxes?

In this blog we're going to be talking about die cut cardboard boxes and why you should invest in them. What are the benefits of die cut cardboard boxes?

With die cutting you're looking at a cardboard box that's been cut a specific way with an industrial strength cutter. You can cut out your dimensions and produce a flat shape that can be slotted together to create a box. It's swift, simple and it works.

All you have to do from your end, if you're going down this route, is to tell us exactly what shape, thickness and dimensions you need, and of course, the quantity, and you leave the rest to us. You'll have a set of bespoke boxes for your staff to work with in next to no time.

Die Cut Packaging

What are the benefits then? Well, die cut boxes are popular and are used both here and overseas, in Europe and the US. Why? Because they're professional, easy and affordable. They offer a quick, safe and easy way of packaging products so their customers receive their packages on time.

You won't need any glue, staple guns or tape because with die cut boxes they have their own tabs and slots that will help keep the box permanently closed until a customer opens it. This makes them perfect to ship anywhere.

With die cut boxes they're uniform in shape and style, so all your boxes will be professional looking. One punch creates one shape so it can make several identical boxes, and it can do it quickly.

Because we don't have to use several different tools to create them, relying on one cutting tool for this type of box, it works out less expensive.

You'll also find there's much less waste involved because the cutting is so accurate, there's far less waste material, and of course, that's great news for those who are concerned about the environment.

Benefits - Uniformity, Speed, Cost, and Reduced Waste

To summarise, the benefits of die cut boxes are as follows – Uniformity gives the boxes the same shape and size, so all your customers get the same box. Speed, because the boxes don't take long to make, and don't take long to put together at your end. It's more cost efficient because rather than using lots of complex equipment, it's just one piece of machinery at work and that means the savings are passed on to you. There's much less waste than there is with other types of packaging and that helps the environment.

Kimberley Watson Packaging At Its Best

If you feel that die cut packaging is for you and you think your business would benefit, then why not get in touch with us here at Kimberley Watson. We have many years experience packaging and consist of a creative, professional team who are experts at what they do.