How Important is Packaging Design on Shipping Boxes?

First Impressions

Shipping boxes aren't just any old cardboard box, they're a first impression, first point of contact situation for your customers and it really matters. If your customers aren't happy with the packaging it could spell disaster for a future purchase.

We know that what's inside is every bit as important as what's on the outside. The whole packaging, and not just what's on the inside is crucial to gaining and keeping customers. However, packaging is also about image, and it's about a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for the customer, and they're going to remember it.

By focussing on your brand and a few pleasantly surprising configurations, you can create a worthwhile purchasing experience and the beginning of a long-term relationship. Here at Kimberley Watson Packaging, we're rooting for you and we want your business to work as much as you do. We're happy to work with you to transform your ideas and aspirations into a piece of packaging art. A package that will get them coming back next time.

The Devil is in the Detail

The shape of your box as well as the logo has to be followed up with images and graphics that support your brand and what it stands for – whatever that is. Let's connect the packaging with your latest marketing campaign and create a buzz. It could be the start of something wonderful.

Keep in mind there's a real explosion in monthly subscription-service products at the moment, if the customers are happy with the products, they'll keep up with the subscription. Customers really do look forward to that long awaited package. The excitement in opening the box, only to reveal its fabulous contents, is all part of the experience – and if it's not that great, it can make or break a company.

Cardboard Boxes & Shipping Boxes That are Created With Customers in Mind

If you want to create an amazing first impression with potential customers, and you want that first sale, that first purchase, to really mean something, then you need the packaging to back it up. That's where we come in, here at Kimberley Watson Packaging, a company with the expertise, creativity and professionalism to make any box, whatever the size, to come alive and make the kind of impact that guarantees that great - all important - first impression of your product! So get in touch today and let's create your first and lasting impression.