What are the Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

Most people don’t even take a second glance at cardboard packaging and boxes, but actually there is a distinct difference in the way corrugated cardboard packaging is made.

The material is made from an arched paper design known as “fluting” and is engineered using some very high tech manufacturing and design processes. The fluting is sandwiched between two liners and together they ensure safety against anything like shocks, jerks or vibrations that can damage the goods stored inside and provide the extra strength, protection and durability commonly needed during transportation.

The Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging


Over 50% of the goods made throughout the world are packed using corrugated cardboard packaging. It offers excellent cushioning qualities that protect the contents during the arduous shipping and handling process. Fragile items such as glass products, electronic items and chemical liquids can be transported and even food produce can remain fresh upon delivery as it is excellent at protecting against moisture which can cause food to spoil when shipped over long periods.


The light weight of corrugated cardboard packaging makes it very convenient to load and unload and reduces the net weight of the products being shipped. Although on the other hand they aren’t so good for transporting heavy items and if stacked with too much weight they can bend and become deformed.

Thanks to the computer assisted design and modern technology the corrugated cardboard packaging can be designed very quickly and very economical. Plus, the raw materials used to make them are inexpensive keeping the price of manufacturing very low and making them very affordable compared to the other packaging options available in the industry.

Custom Design

Corrugated cardboard boxes can be made in almost any shape, size or colour combination for any job. There are a multitude of options to choose from depending on a customer’s packaging requirements including board types, weights, adhesives, coatings and treatments.

Designs can be created depending on different needs from simple shapes to very complex to accommodate all your potential packaging requirements. Corrugated cardboard packaging can be customized and made to any design specifications to keep the contents protected, making them very reliable packaging solutions for all residential and commercial needs.

Advertising and Marketing

There is also the benefit of better printing capabilities with the use of corrugated cardboard packaging. With so much free advertising space customers can print directly onto the boxes with bold, colourful, high-resolution graphics to advertise their products, company and brand. And as the packing usually stays with the product from warehouse to end destination like a shop or into your customers home or office it is the perfect way to market your brand free of charge.

Corrugated cardboard packaging offers may great advantages including, reduced weight, excellent protection of goods, even in extreme conditions such as low temperature or high humidity, great advertising and marketing options, are eco friendly as they are often made from recyclable materials, and most importantly they are very economical due to the low manufacturing cost. 

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