The Importance of Packaging in the Food and Drink Industry

Your primary reason for packaging your products may have been to protect them, but food packaging has a much greater role to play in the success of your products. When competing with thousands of other items on the shelves, your packaging needs to be working as hard as possible to sell its contents.

From keeping your products safe to attracting new customers, food packaging and drink packaging have a big responsibility. If your packaging is simply an afterthought, here’s why it’s important to get packaging right.


For fragile products, such as multipack bottles or savouries such as crackers, crisps, and ready-made desserts, being delivered to store carries many risks. Broken packaging can spell disaster and render entire boxes of goods useless. A rocky journey can break fragile foods, making them less appealing to customers.

Good quality packaging not only presents your items in an appetising way, it also protects them during transit to ensure they arrive at the store in the same condition they left the factory in.


Your target market can’t taste your product in the shop. So how do they decide whether to buy yours, buy something made by one of your competitors, or just leave it altogether? They have to make judgements based upon the information presented to them. Your packaging will provide them with everything they need to make a decision.

Your food packaging or drink packaging is free advertising space. You can use it to show off your company brand or tell people a little more about your products. Some producers may want to share their environmentally-friendly credentials, others explain where their high quality ingredients have come from.

Whatever you choose to put on your packaging, it has the change to make a big impression upon your target market.


New innovations in food packaging and drink packaging have made it possible for the box you deliver your products to the store in to become a display for your items. Shelf ready packaging transforms from a way of transporting goods to a way of displaying them. It allows retailers to get your products straight onto the shelves with little effort, and gives you more space to display your branding.


With the right kinds of food packaging and drink packaging you can capture the attention of your target market and convince them to buy your products. Without putting any effort into your packaging, you could find yourself going unnoticed on the crowded retail shelves.

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