A Guide to Die Cut Packaging

Boxes often come in a range of predetermined sizes. This is great when you have something easy you need to package, or are only concerned about the price of packaging. But what if you have a product that you really want to show off, or that needs to be carefully packaged to protect it?

In these instances, die cut packaging is your best bet. But what is it, and why is it useful for you?


Standard boxes are created using an ‘inline’ process, where cardboard sheets are fed through a machine to be cut and scored into the right size. This is fine for your standard sized boxes, but what if you want something more specific?

Die cut packaging uses CAD (computer aided design) to create a unique cutting stamp. This stamp is then pressed onto the cardboard using a machine called a flatbed. It’s quite similar to using a cookie cutter to shape dough when baking. Once the stamp is removed, you have a cut and scored piece of cardboard that can be folded to create unique packaging specifically designed for your product.


Sticking something in a big box and padding it out with shredded paper might be all right for posting items, but in the world of retail you need to make more of an effort. Your product is going to have to stand out on the shelves, and you want to make the most of its features.

Die cut packaging allows you to create a box that displays your product in an eye-catching way, while still keeping it protected. It could include special holes and gaps in the packaging to help customers see inside the box, or to read the labels on items that are packaged together.

By using CAD, the shape and design of your box is pretty much only limited by your imagination. You can create packaging that embodies your brand and captures the attention of your target market. And by being more closely tailored to the size and shape of your product, die cut packaging is more economical, so it can help to cut your costs and even your impact upon the environment.

Take your packaging to the next level and enjoy an eye-catching and cost effective solution. Get in touch with us today to arrange a free packaging review and discuss the range of ways die cut packaging can help your business.