How We Saved a Retailer Over £100,000 Per Annum



After carrying out a free-of-charge packaging review of a prospect’s entire packaging and logistics chain we highlighted several areas within the operation that the KWP team could advise and assist in order to make them substantial savings.

The soon-to-be customer was using 14 retail ready cases. Historical issues with these cases included poor performance in transit, resulting in product damage and deteriorated aesthetics when presented on supermarket shelves.


Our in-depth analysis resulted in re-sizing and re-design of 12 of the packs. Due to subtle product changes over time the packaging in many cases was no longer the correct fit.

Our experts re-sized 12 of the cases and in some instances also reconfigured how the goods were packed within the cases. Perforation profiles were also changed to further assist with stacking strength and on-shelf presentation.

The clients’ onward transportation to their customers was also part of the analysis, and was fully reviewed when redesigning the cases. As a result, new pallet builds were offered to the customer, providing more secure pallets to offer greater product protection.


Due to the fact that KWP incorporate the clients’ onward transport logistics, our re-sized cases provided far greater pallet cube fills, and the customer was now able to get more cases per pallet layer whilst also gaining another full layer on each pallet. These changes provided the client with a transport saving of £38,000 for not just the current year, but every year going forward.

The 12 cases that were improved, meant that product was fully protected and presented professionally on supermarket shelves, thus meaning no returns to customer and increased sales as a result.

Spend on cases was reduced by £65,000 on an annualised basis as over-packaging was eradicated by implementing our changes.