Protecting High-End, Expensive Products in Transit



Prospective client packaged high end expensive products in single units for world leading brands. The delicate nature of the individual packs, meant that when in transit the outer surface of the packs were very easily scuffed and damaged; even the slightest mark on these inner packs, meant rejection by our prospect’s customers. Incumbent supplier and others had offered several solutions, however fail rates were still too high – our challenge was to provide a solution with zero fail rates and little or no cost impact.


It was not an option to change the inner packs, as these were iconic brands, therefore, we had to fully review and improve the packaging that contained these delicate / expensive items. Following our in-depth review and trials, we presented our recommendations to our prospective client. By re-configuring the inner packs and encompassing them in cell dividers that were made from a specialised material, and by incorporating the same material into the case liner we would all but eliminate any scuffing issues. We also changed the structure of the outer cases, thus ensuring that the products remained completely flat at all times. After strenuous transit trials the prospective client fully approved our bespoke cost effective solution. 


Our new client greatly benefited from our recommendations and as a result, all of their packs of this nature are currently packaged using our bespoke, specialised solutions. They in turn have zero costly product rejections and also have very satisfied customers, they also use our specialised solutions to gain more business with new clients.