Why Choose Retail Ready Packaging?

There is a certain criteria for packaging to reach before it can be considered retail ready packaging. Read on to find out more about more about it, and see how it could make a difference to your business.

Clear Information on Secondary Packaging

If you're products are going to a large store with a variety of goods to put on the shelves then it makes sense that the packaging is easy to identify. Retail ready packaging often ha pictures of the products on the outside and information about the product name, brand and any other relevant information. That way, staff can find what they need with ease.

Easy Opening

Retail ready packaging should always be easy to open because that's how you get to stock the shelves quickly and efficiently. To do this it's important you have clear instructions so the products inside the packaging are accessed with ease. You don't want packing that's of such poor quality you have to rip it apart just to get inside to the contents.

Easy to Stock Shelves

Packaging should be easy to open and strong enough to be transportable and stackable. So whenever you need to re-stock your shelves, you should be able to do it without the packaging falling apart. You don't want packaging that's so weak its passed its sell by date before the products have.


Is your packaging recyclable? It should be environmentally friendly and have the ability to be flat packed and transported elsewhere to be recycled safely.

Packaging Specialists

Here at Kimberley Watson Packaging we specialise in a diverse range of packaging to suit your business needs, and our retail ready packaging range is made with the same diligence and attention to detail as we give all the products in our range. Get in touch with us today and talk to us about your packaging needs.