Corrugated Packaging: What it is and How Can You Use It?

Corrugated packaging comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s used throughout Scotland and the world; it’s recyclable and has been in popular use for over a century. Kimberley Watson Packaging are experts in providing cost effective, environmentally friendly corrugated packaging solutions to businesses across all sectors.

Glued Corrugated Packaging

If you’re looking for a durable and well-constructed packaging solution, then corrugated board is proven to protect goods from the packaging station , throughout the logistics chain, to the display shelf and onto the end user.Two sheets of paper are joined together and are glued to an inner material that’s known as fluting. This process gives the packaging structure and with KWP’s demonstrably superior board quality provides excellent resilience.

Corrugated packaging will also insulate your goods as the flutes allow air to circulate freely throughout the structure. This style of packaging is adaptable and is used in many different industries, we recognise that our customers are varied and provide bespoke packaging to suit their individual needs.

Who uses Corrugated Packaging?

You will see corrugated packaging right across the planet. It’s used to transport electrical goods, computers, furniture, food and clothes. Go to any high street on a delivery day, and you’ll see lorries stacked to the roof with corrugated boxes. This is the ideal transportation medium. Supermarkets and retailers use corrugated packaging in Retail Ready bespoke formats as display cases for their goods.

Corrugated Packaging Should Always Promote Your Brand

Goods and products are an important part of any brand and so is the boxes and packaging that are used to transport, store and display these goods. Creating the right first impression with strong well presented branding on packaging will help to promote your brand and increase sales.

Our experts can design your corrugated packaging ensuring your packaging stands out and communicates your message whilst staying consistent with your brand.

You may be looking for a bespoke solution for your packaging needs, and we will be delighted to provide that service for you. There isn’t a rulebook when it comes to size or shape in the corrugated packaging industry.

Corrugated Packaging is Recyclable

It’s become more important than ever to cut down on the use of landfill for waste disposal, and this is where corrugated packaging comes into its own. Scotland is already leading the way with its ‘zero waste’ policy and any company that uses recyclable corrugated packaging is using 76% recyclable material, and in some cases some examples of this form of packaging are 100% recyclable. We work with our clients to help achieve the global aim of “Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle”

Corrugated packaging is also cost effective. We can provide an experienced team of experts who will work with you to make sure that you are using cutting edge packing solutions, and cutting down on your storage costs.

Corrugated Boxes are an Ingenious Solution

To find out more about how our corrugated packaging solutions could help your business, why not get in touch.

We can talk about marketing solutions in terms of logos and we can offer you durable and strong containers and boxes for all your company’s needs. From boxes on retail shelves to containers in transit shipping, we can provide the best options for you.