Why Is Well Designed Printed Packaging So Important?

The average person makes about 10,000 decisions every day. We are constantly being presented with choices. This applies to your customers too. How do you influence their decisions? What can you do to ensure that one of those decisions they make is the right one – the one to buy your product?

Here’s how printed packaging helps.


In a crowded retail environment it is easy for your product to get lost amongst a sea of competitors. Your packaging has an important role to play in helping your product get noticed. With attractive packaging that catches the eye, your product will have an advantage over those with less interesting or noticeable packaging.

Standing out doesn’t necessarily have to mean using the brightest colours or the biggest lettering. A plain, minimalist design can stand out on a shelf of garish packaging, for instance.


Printed packaging helps to display your brand for repeat customers. If someone has previously bought your product they may be more likely to do so again, but only if they can find it on the shelves. By having your products clearly marked with your branding it makes it easier for your customers to recognise your company.

If your customers can easily identify your product, you can hold their attention. Their eyes will be instantly drawn to your familiar branding, meaning they won’t pay much attention to the products of your competitors.


Shoppers need much more than a brand name and a few pictures to help them decide what to spend their money on. Your printed packaging gives you an opportunity to include relevant information to convince them to buy. It could be a bit about your company, a list of key ingredients or components, or details of awards for reviews. The more reasons you can give shoppers to buy your product, the more likely they are to do so.


People use their emotions to evaluate brands and make purchasing decisions. This means that you need to be speaking to their subconscious as well as presenting information they can digest rationally. The colour of your printed packaging, the fonts that you use, and the imagery on display all help to make an emotional impression.


If you want your product to be competitive it needs to have great design and quality printed packaging. No matter what you make, if you need a box that says ‘buy me’, we are the people to talk to. Get in touch with us today.