Helping a Household Name Food Brand Make Big Savings



A well known household Scottish food brand engaged with us to undergo our Free Packaging Review. We were asked to carry out an extensive examination of their packaging and logistics.

The review process involved; a boardroom presentation, Operations Director present at all times during the teams’ visit in packing and distribution areas. The challenge was stated clearly, that the incumbent supplier of over 20 years had assessed all cases and board products during the last 12 months and found products fit for purpose – over to team KWP.


Products fully reviewed totalled in excess of 80 variants. There were items used in the packaging called “layer pads” These are die-cut pieces of cardboard designed to fit inside a case which alleviates pressure on delicate products when they are packed into the case. These pads were to be placed in the middle of the cases thus assisting stacking strength.

Our on-site inspection found that on checking the products coming off the packing line, the layer pads were simply placed on the top of the product and were offering no benefit whatsoever to the pack. Discussions with packing managers revealed that they had operated this way for many years. Some cases were found to be of the incorrect length and breadth, resulting in possible damage to products in handling and transportation.


We suggested reducing the case heights and removing the pads altogether and having transit trials carried out across the 31 products where the pads were being used in this manner. The trials were a total success. Other cases were reduced on length and breadth as they had been wrongly sized by the incumbent.


The savings to the customer were massive for their business. Removing the Layer Pads saved £63,000 and the reduction in case heights due to the pads’ removal saved a further £21,000 per annum. The further amendments to the cases that were wrongly sized on length and breadth in the first instance saved £17,000 annually. There were additional transport savings for the customer as the pallet builds were hugely enhanced.


The brief Case Studies above demonstrate the potentially huge benefits that can be gained by clients embracing the unique KWP Free Packaging Review – a service of which we are proud.